l'électrolyseur de sel contribue à la santé


Everyone knows that the hygiene maintenance of pool water quickly becomes a chore. Add to that health problems or irritation caused by chemical products - not to mention algae, pools turning green and overall maintenance costs. Salt electrolysis provides a simple and affordable solution. You can finally stop worrying about algae developing in your pool while you’re away. With the Elywann salt electrolyser, you can enjoy water that is always healthy and sterile. Together with a pH regulator, you have a totally efficient system. Salt electrolysis is a simple and affordable solution.


More efficient than ultraviolet, active oxygen, ozone or stabilised chlorine treatments, this process has been used successfully in pools for over 40 years. It involves adding 3 to 4g of salt per litre of water and through a simple physical process, the water becomes filled with a powerful disinfectant (sodium hypochlorite), with no odour. It is a healthy disinfection process that is reliable and extremely powerful if the water pH is correct. As long as the instructions are followed, it is suitable for all pools, including those in hot climates. It may be combined to positive effect with other processes that are insufficient when used alone, such as UV or ozone treatments. (The quantity of hypochlorite is so weak (<2mg/l) that it is not harmful to health, the water can even be consumed).


When we are hungry, our bodies naturally secrete gastric juices. In the glandular tubes of our stomach, chlorine is extracted from our blood and then reconstituted to form hydrochloric acid. This acid contributes to our health by breaking down proteins so that they can be absorbed. Chlorine is the anion of blood, lymph and the vast majority of an organism's fluids. It is the acid/base balance regulator in the organism. It helps with the proper functioning of the liver.

If we put a bit of the salt we eat every day into the pool, with the help of an electrolyser, a special chemico-physical process occurs between the titanium plates contained within the cell. This produces a disinfectant made of sodium hypochlorite. The water remains gentle on the skin, it is crystal clear and odourless. The disinfectant produced is not a pollutant, and is therefore not harmful to the environment. It is not an irritant because it is a hypochlorite and not the chloramine we usually find in pools. For more information, see other pages of the site.


Salt electrolysis is an efficient, powerful, natural and non-polluting process. Waste produced by backwashing does not harm flora as does PHMB and bromine. You no longer have stinging eyes or skin irritation and by using this system, you contribute towards protecting the environment.

Salt electrolysis produces a disinfectant that does not pollute, causing no harm to the environment. It is not an irritant such as those usually found in pools, as the sodium hypochlorite neutralises the chlorine by-product, and there are no chloramines present as there usually are in pools.



Elywann offers an 100% contractual guarantee for 5 years, including on the cell. The electrolyser emits absolutely no electromagnetic radiation, it can handle humidity and immersion as it is IP67 compliant. The optimal quantity of salt is 3 to 4g/l, and the cell is protected if there is a lower amount.


The system is totally automatic, you don't have to do anything and you can go on holiday with your mind completely at ease. Connecting up the cell is very simple. It is multipositional, so may also be placed within a small filtration unit.


Energy management is optimised: the electrolyser consumes energy equivalent to that consumed by 2 low-energy bulbs. Compared to using active oxygen, the electrolyser and its cell will have covered their own cost within 3 seasons. The system also allows for a reduction in filtering time as it has a strong output.


The system is totally automatic, you don't have to do anything and you can go on holiday with your mind completely at ease. Connecting up the cell is very simple. It is multipositional, so may also be placed within a small filtration unit.


If you don't have automatic polarity inversion, you won't ever be able to achieve optimum functioning and you won't be able to distribute the operating load of the electrolysis cell. Polarity inversion allows for the removal of scale that forms on the electrolysis cell. Water hardness varies greatly, according to the season. Experience shows that the best frequency for this inversion is every 3 hours.

Elywann incorporates two innovative processes: adjustable polarity inversion according to water hardness and progressive polarity inversion. This allows both for constant, effective disinfection as well as normal, distributed use on each side of each of the titanium plates contained within the electrolysis cell. This allows for the optimal electrolysis of pool water. What’s more, filtration time can be reduced as desired, without affecting the cell’s durability. The cell is multipositional, so may also be placed within a small filtration unit.

The advantages of progressive inversion of polarity are:

  • constant release of disinfectant
  • no or little stabiliser required
  • increases the effectiveness of the electrolysis and removes odours
  • the electrode does not get scale on it, or very little
  • no weekly or monthly descaling of the cell necessary
  • increases the cell's durability


Elywann is an intelligent polarity inversion electrolyser made in France. It is the product of pool experience acquired over the past 20 years. In the worldwide market, it is the most energy efficient power-adjustable device, as nearly all the energy passes through the cell. Its control electronics are based on technology used in the automobile and aeronautics industries. Its core technology is under French patent.

Its cell and cover are strong and IP67 compliant. It is a completely stand-alone device and submersible, so it can operate under water. It is the product of pool electrolysis experience acquired over the past 20 years. Having originally been designed to disinfect water in Africa, it came to be used for disinfecting pool water in Europe and North Africa. It is a tough, high quality device for use in pools between 30 and 150 m3. The cell is a top-of-the-range item designed to last for 25,000 hours operating at 100%, equating to 10 years of disinfection with very low electrical consumption.


Elywann helps in protecting the environment due to its energy efficiency, durability and its electromagnetic non-pollution.

Numerous professionals recognise Elywann as the system that makes the most of drawing on past experience to guarantee optimal results.

  • Durability of the Excellence cell - 25,000 hours operating at 100%, 100% guaranteed for 5 years or 12,000 hours
  • Compact size, ultra-resistant, submersible unit, IP67 compliant
  • Simple, totally automatic operation, with a single button
  • Easy to install: 2 wires – one for the cell, the other to carry 230 volts
  • Multipositional, threaded electrolysis cell (no sticking)
  • Automatic polarity inversion and bipolar technology, progressive polarity
  • Shock disinfection function that is automatically disengageable
  • Sensors: stop flow, minimum flow, temperature, salt quantity, insufficient salt, excess salt
  • Displays salt quantity at the beginning of the cycle
  • Displays disinfectant quantity at the beginning of the cycle
  • Automatic variation of polarity inversion depending on water hardness
  • Automatic restriction on disinfectant output by means of a probe (Redox potential)
  • Automatically adjusts the output of disinfectant according to the temperature of your pool water
  • Automatic and periodic antiscaling process
  • Depolarisation of anodes before polarity inversion
  • Rolling closure flap sensor (silent mode)
  • Double isolation of electrical supply
  • Energy efficient (consumption divided by 3)
  • Resettable circuit breaker
  • Redox calibration probe
  • IP67 compliancy equates to immersion up to 1 meter.